…I am here to help micro and small business owners build successful businesses FAST with a proven, easy to use, low-cost system that works every single time!


I have been using the Internet for years. Starting in 1987 when it was called Bulletin Board Service (BBS). Those were the days when CompuServe and Dow Jones Online News Retrieval Service dominated my world. I have seen the early days and rise of Juno.com, AOL.com, Hotmail.com, Amazon.com, Yahoo.com, Google.com (used to be GoTo.com), YouTube.com, MySpace.com, FaceBook.com and so many others. Since 1987 so many good web sites have come and gone and it seems only a handful of the really good ones have stood the test of time. It did not take me long to realize that my calling was to help those who would like to both navigate the Internet and harness it’s POWER safely, effectively, inexpensively, productively, securely, profitably and quickly to complete satisfaction.

So here I am slowly gathering an effective dream team, and together…

we plan to change the world!

Won’t you join us?